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When You're Calling

When you’re calling
Does it feel like you should be on the other side of the line instead?
Yeah… That’s why we’re falling
And why people often ask me what's going on inside my head

Well if I'd paint a picture it'd look like my flat
A floor of chaos, where if it hadn't been for my cat
I'd probably would've had lived with dust rats under my mat
My thoughts are bright, but what's going on inside
is better of found late at night, like an alley cat
Simply because …I think I think most of the time
But I’m so busy trying to keep an order of all thoughts
Inside my head I can’t keep track of time, at all
So bear in mind to wait some signals when you call

Yeah, when you’re calling
Doesn’t it feel like you should be calling someone else instead?
Yeah… That’s why you’re crawling
And why people often ask me what's going on inside your head

Look inside a mind in a mindstate made of sleepless nights of daydreaming
I’m aware of the fact I’m probably dreaming
Laying pale white with dark eyes like ghosts up the attic when they're screaming
And probably not seeing the things I’d like to believe in
You’re not calling, this aint real, I won’t believe it until I can feel it
and I’m probably appearing not to know what I’m appearing for
But during those hours I've got time to write and draw
I aim to call, so I’m drawing straws of different lengths
Simply because not having to choose is supposed to give me strength
When I answer your call, please tell me how that’s echoing in your bay
or if you’re in town, cash in your rain check on a sunny day
I’m not sure how that one works out, but we’ll find out in due time
Said, instead of calling knock on my door, now that would be a first time...

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