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When You're Sick

When you are sick.... I am feeling ill
Feels like God’s not listening to my will
And... When you’re laying in bed with fever
It’s really hard being a true believer
When I am downtown at the local pharmacy
The pharmacists are making it hard on me
I’m simply trying to describe your condition
But in the end, they're blinding my vision
Because there are no accurate definitions
That will get us any suitable prescriptions
So I tend to lose grip, and feeling a bit down
When they’re not really hearing me out
And, it seems God’s not hearing me neither
Making it hard for us, and not decreasing your fever
When I look into your watery eyes
I tell you, even in sickness, you’re looking fine
And I, wouldn’t come up with a lie
It’s easy not to, since you’re always giving me a smile
So we’re visiting a doctor, a specialist
And he looks at you, and sees the same thing I miss
That healthy young beautiful piece of a woman
And so, we try to create miracles with our hands
And I’m afraid it will fade away one day
But I still I find music within you when I lay
My head on your chest and listen to your heart beats
I tell the world there are no stains on our clean sheets
But inside I’m torn, and feel like I’m getting a psychosis
Sitting at the hospital waiting for your diagnosis
See, when you’re sick and I've made a cup of tea
I sit late at night by your bed praying on my knees
You’re the only one giving me inner peace
So I pray you’ll be cured when you wake up from sleep
And so there you lay, pale like meds, and I sit beside you
And really, it makes me sick there’s nothing I can do.

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021